What is Adaptive Bike? Types of Adaptive Bikes

Outdoor exercises provide a great opportunity for people to adopt healthy lifestyles. Everyone has the right to enjoy and feel the freedom of doing whatever they like. Nowadays, bike riding is becoming common as many people ride bikes to have an exciting experience. Sometimes, because of any physical disability, it is difficult to ride a traditional bike so people look for something more convenient to ride.

Adaptive bikes are an alternative option, which provides a comfortable riding experience. Adaptive bikes are easier to control and balance than ordinary ones. These bikes are available in different types that are manufactured according to individual needs. Well, in this article, I will tell you detailed information regarding what is an adaptive bike and the types of adaptive bikes to ease your selection.

What is Adaptive Bike?

What Is Adaptive Bike?
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Adaptive bikes are specially used by those who are disabled or have no experience riding a bike before. Adaptive bikes are designed in a way that they possess three wheels, which provides stability and helps the individual to ride a bike in a smooth manner. Any individual with any body disability will be able to ride this bike without any hassle.

It allows the individual to fully experience and enjoy bike riding just as normal people do. People with motor injuries are the ideal candidates for riding an adaptive bike as it benefits them to recover soon. Riding an adaptive bike strengthens the muscles of the individual and makes them stronger.

People with traumatic brain injury, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and Paralysis can use their motor functions after riding adaptive bikes. Moreover, there are different types of adaptive bikes that you will find online and each type has its benefits and advantages. To know which is more suitable to buy, you should continue reading this article till the end.

4 Major Types of Adaptive Bikes

4 Major Types of Adaptive Bikes
Types of Adaptive Bikes

Well, here are some basic types of adaptive bikes that differ in their function and manufacture. Some adaptive bikes are suitable for off-road riding, some have larger wheels, while some are with different rim diameters. So, keeping in mind the differences you can buy any adaptive bike that suits you the most.

1. Electric Adaptive Bikes

Electric Adaptive Bikes

Electric bikes are the most common type of adaptive bikes, which are much easier to use. These bikes have an electric motor, which provides an automatic riding experience. The individual just needs to sit and start this bike without pedaling.

The motor of this bike is quite powerful, which helps the individual to ride for a longer period without facing battery issues. Electric bikes are quite faster in speed and easier to manage. These bikes are conveniently used by disabled people and younger children as they are less tiring and more comfortable to ride. Also have a look at electric tricycles for adults.

2. Adaptive Handcycles

Adaptive Handcycles

Handcycles are another category of adaptive bikes, which is the best solution for free riding. People who are facing paralysis or lower body disability can easily ride handcycles. The handcycles are pretty easy and comfortable to use. It requires less power and input from the disabled person. It provides convenient hand gripping, gear shifting, braking, and propulsion.

The wheel traction of a handcycle bike is effective enough to provide smooth acceleration. This bike is more similar to the wheelchair, which is more under the control of hands.

3. Adaptive Tandems

Adaptive Tandems

Tandems are two-person bikes, which double the power and allow fast speeding. Well, Tandems are available in several shapes and sizes with different features and specifications. These adaptive bikes are super stable, powerful, and controllable to use.

Tandems are more suitable and beneficial for adults as they reduce accidents and serious injuries. The balance of tandem bikes is simply amazing.

4. Recumbent Adaptive Bikes

Adaptive Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent trikes are another type of adaptive bike that is available in a reclined position to ease an unsmooth riding experience. This bike consists of two front wheels and pedals, which help them to balance their riding. The stability of a recumbent bike provides a sense of security and protection.

It helps the rider to sit comfortably to enjoy smooth riding. Riding this bike reduces muscle strain and spinal cord injuries. Investing in recumbents is simply worth it as it has wider seats and comfortable paddling.

FAQs about Adaptive Bikes

What is an adaptive bike?

An adaptive bike is a type of bike that is specially designed to make your riding experience comfortable. This bike is easier to ride as it is a primary need for many disabled people.

What are the three different types of the adaptive bike?

Well, there are many types of adaptive bikes, but the main three different types are tandems, handcycles, and recumbents.

What are the benefits of adaptive bikes?

Adaptive bikes are highly effective for disabled people, which help in their muscle movement, joint motion, core development, circulation, coordination, and balance. Other than that it boosts your muscle strength and provides physical energy.

How do adaptive bikes work?

Adaptive bikes have three wheels, which enhance the control of the individual. Also, it provides balance and muscle adjustments in disabled people. Adaptive bikes are also very effective for kids who are in the learning stages of bike riding.

Concluding Adaptive Bikes Guide

Well, I hope that after reading this article you will be able to select the right adaptive bike for yourself. Keeping in mind the requirements you can choose any type of adaptive bike that fulfills all your needs. Adaptive bikes are great to use initially because it develops a sense of independence and helps people to overcome balance issues.

People who are suffering from spinal cord problems or lower region problems find adaptive bikes quite beneficial. Now, it is your turn to decide which type of adaptive bike is suitable for your body type.

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