Tricycle vs Training Wheels: Which is better for your kid?

Children all over the world have this magical experience where they are taught by their parents how to ride a cycle which later on becomes a nostalgic memory. However, this first experience can also be a nightmare if not done correctly. Children who are newly learning how to ride for the first time require one of two things, whether a tricycle or training wheels, for support and balance.

Which one is a better option, though? What is even the difference if a child learns to ride through training wheels or a tricycle? Is one better than the other option, as both provide stability and balance? If there is, what is the difference and which is better? All these questions will be answered below, and a choice will be made between tricycles vs. training wheels.

Tricycle vs Training Wheels for Kids

Tricycle vs Training Wheels

Both tricycles and training wheels have a similar purpose: to provide optimum balance and stability so that a child develops a sense of confidence to get ready for their future rides. However, there are some major difference trikes and training wheels for kids which I have mentioned below to help you decide which one is the better choice for you kids.

Major Differences between Tricycle and Training Wheels

Tricycle vs Training Wheels – Major Differences Explained

Tricycle as an option for Kids

Children have a fear of falling and being imbalanced when they are young. Tricycles are known best for stability as they are lower and centered towards the ground and have bigger wheels, which also help provide stability. However, most toddler tricycles are also available in thinner wheels which cover less area, which may cause a child to fall and get injured and develop a fear of cycling at all. 

Tricycle As An Option For Kids

Moreover, if a lower tricycle is chosen, more centered towards the center of gravity, and has wider wheels, it will be the safest option for kids and allow them to learn balance and stability in a safer and more comfortable environment.

Such tricycles are also smaller in size and can be ridden in homes, so mothers do not have to specially take time out from house chores or buy schedules to teach their children to learn how to ride a tricycle. Hence, tricycles are an excellent option for children to learn cycling at an early age, making their experience beautiful, but why not choose Training wheels as a better option over tricycles?

Training Wheels as an option for Kids

Training wheels are used for a two-wheeled cycle which is bigger than a tricycle. A two wheel cycle with training wheels is higher. These cycles are not the same as tricycles that tend to be lower for easy mounting and dismounting. Thus, a two-wheel cycle can be more unstable if training wheels are not correctly applied to the back wheel. 

Training Wheels As An Option For Kids

The issue with training wheels is that they may be placed parallel and opposite to each other, which is how training wheels provide balance, but there is always a situation where wheel attachment is slightly above the rear wheel. That causes the cycle to always be tilted towards one side and not be perfectly balanced or stable, which can cause a child to fall off or get injured as children do not know how to balance perfectly.

In addition to this, Training wheels are attached to a larger cycle compared to a tiny tricycle, and it is not easy to ride with training wheels around the house, so mothers will have to take time out from their schedule to especially take their kids to a park.

Nevertheless, there is one advantage once a kid masters riding with training wheels, then those wheels can be taken off, and a new cycle does not need to be purchased; instead, the same cycle can be used for a more extended period as well. Here, you can also read a detailed comparison of tricycle vs balance bike.

Concluding Training Wheels vs Trikes Comparison

Concluding in a nutshell, out of “Tricycle vs. Training Wheels.” Tricycles are more stable towards the center and balanced compared to a cycle with training wheels. They are slightly imbalanced because of the attachment of the training wheels with the rear wheels and may cause a child to fall off and never want to cycle again because of fear of falling.

Hence, a more stable cycle like a tricycle will be more beneficial as it is more centered and lower, has a perfect balance, and is likely not to trip. Why not let your child have a safe and more comfortable experience with a tricycle than a risky one on a cycle with a training wheel?

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