Tricycle vs Balance Bike: Which is better for Kids?

When we think about tricycle vs balance bikes, the first thing that comes to our mind is, are balance bikes better than tricycles? When our kid insists on a good bicycle, we definitely think that we need to go for a balance bike or tricycle. Which one is best, and what are the merits and demerits associated with tricycle and balance bikes?

I personally recommend everyone to start with a balance bike instead of tricycle because tricycles are considered to be an old practice, while balance bikes are perfectly designed for kids. Through a balance bike, kids can learn how to control steering and balance. It is an essential skill that will definitely help them learn to pedal quickly. Apart from this, balance bikes are more kid friendly, and kids love to enjoy riding on them.

Tricycle vs Balance Bike – Detailed Comparison

Tricycle vs Balance Bike
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In this article, I will provide you a piece of relevant information and clear insight while choosing between a balance bike and a tricycle.

Reason for giving Kids a Balance Bike instead of Tricycle

I noticed from the experience that kids feel more confident and comfortable while riding on a balance bike. I gifted a tricycle to my niece, but she wasn’t able to reach the pedal. I tried to convince her, but it wasn’t helpful; she wasn’t taking any interest in her new tricycle.

A lovely and cute-looking tricycle can be dangerous because, according to a research: Kids up to 1 and 2 years old visited ER in 2012-2013. A professor at Emory University School of Medicine said, “Parents really need to take care of what their kids are playing and also make sure that they don’t get injured.” Reference: Emory Medicine Magazine.

Major Problems Associated With Tricycles and Balance Bikes

Following are the significant problems with the tricycles as they are heavier than the balance bike and are also not kids friendly.

Major Problems Associated With Tricycles and Balance Bikes

Suppose you are looking for a bicycle to learn biking skills. So, obviously, balance bikes are the best choice. A tricycle looks cuter and attractive, but it is not for learning purposes.

1. Access to the Pedal

Toddlers face difficulty reaching the pedal of the tricycle. So it becomes difficult for the kids to get on the pedal. For this purpose, parents use a small bar in order to test the feet of their kids. On the other hand, balance bikes are designed in such a way through which kids can quickly learn their biking skills, and it is also kid-friendly.

The upper part of a tricycle is long, and it gets difficult for the toddler’s leg to get into or out of the tricycle. It is indeed a problem for the parents as well because they have to look after their kids when they ride on a tricycle. If you’re still interested to choose a tricycle for your kid, choose a toddler tricycle with push handle for a safer ride.

2. In Terms Of Weight

Kids easily get fed up because tricycles are heavy compared to balance bikes. When we go outside, it is difficult for us to carry heavy bicycles, which also results in arm pain. Moreover, riding on a heavy tricycle makes kids more uncomfortable. Tricycles usually weigh around 12-24 lbs.

On the other hand, balance bikes are 6-12 lbs. It is almost half of the weight of a tricycle. That is why it is much more difficult for kids to ride on it. Balance bikes can go up to miles away, but on the other hand, tricycles can’t cover longer distances because they need their parents. Make sure to allow your kid to ride a tricycle at right age.

3. Efficient Movement on Uneven Surfaces

It is observed when the kids ride on an uneven surface, so the wheels of a tricycle become higher than other wheels. It often results in off-balance, and it gets difficult for the kids if the sidewalk near the house is rough.

It is not even safe to take a direct turn with tricycles, and most of the tricycles are banned in the USA. Tricycles result in accidents when taking natural turns because kids don’t know how to take turns properly, and they usually hurt themselves. Many kids are often injured on tricycles, said Dr. Michelle Blumstein, a pediatrician at Nicklaus Hospital in Miami, USA. Reference: Consumer Health Day

4. Transition to a Pedal Bike Is Hard

The fundamental difference between a tricycle and a balance bike is that the balance bike focuses on balancing. In contrast, the tricycle focuses on pedaling, which is an effortless skill to practice upon.

Those kids who have mastered balancing, they already know the required skills and tricks while riding a bicycle in the future. One of the disadvantages of a tricycle is that it doesn’t teach the skill of balancing because it only focuses on the pedal of a bike. So, the mandatory skill is balancing, which tricycle riders lack.

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5. Wheelbase

Most of the tricycles also have a broader wheelbase, which makes them wider on roads. It can make a tricycle dangerous in most of the situations, which can be hazardous for kids. With a broader wheelbase, kids cannot ride the tricycle properly, and on the other hand, there is no such problem with the balance bike.

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Concluding Balance Bike vs Tricycle Comparison

Tricycles look better as compared to balance bikes. If your kid insists on a tricycle and wants to learn only pedaling. So, a tricycle is a perfect match. In my opinion, parents should buy a balance bike so that they can learn balancing, which is an important skill.

Most people still think that tricycle is a good choice because this is how their kids can learn to pedal without realizing that balancing is much more important. If your kids force their parents to buy a tricycle because it is more attractive. So, parents should also purchase a balance bike.

After discussing all the facts, we can easily say the balance bike is the winner. Whenever this question comes to our mind, are balance bikes better than tricycles? So we can tell others what is the best possible answer to this question.

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