Are Addmotor Electric Trikes Good?

Over the last few years, the world of personal transportation has seen a remarkable shift towards electric vehicles, and electric trikes have taken center stage.

Whether you’re a daily commuter looking to save gas money and opt for an eco-friendly mode of transportation or someone who wants to adopt a healthier lifestyle by exercising daily, adult electric tricycles are the ultimate answer to the needs of many urban dwellers.

By offering a unique blend of comfort, convenience, confidence, and practicality, e-trikes have attracted a lot of new customers. Tricycles are easy to ride, fun, agile, and offer tons of benefits to the rider. Now, let’s delve into how AddMotor is making significant contributions to the electric tricycle industry.

Are Addmotor Electric Trikes Good?

Are Addmotor Electric Trikes Good
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Among the many brands making waves in this market, Addmotor has stood out as a symbol of innovation and top-notch quality. Starting back in 2011, Addmotor has built its reputation on high-quality electric bikes and trikes having innovative technology and impressive features. However, if you’re new to the electric bike market and still figuring out about your first purchase from Addmotor, worry not.

Choose The Best Addmotor Electric Trike – Top 5 Trike Models

In this comprehensive blog, we will explore the Addmotor electric bikes & electric trikes lineup and examine what makes them a compelling choice for riders seeking reliability and performance.

Our Top Pick
Grandtan Electric Trike

1. Grandtan Electric Trike

  • Motor: 750W brushless motor
  • Battery 960Wh UL-recognized battery pack
  • Mileage: 85 miles per full charge
  • Frame Type: Step through frame
  • Significant Fun Features: Wooden footrest board, adjustable backrest, rear cargo basket, electric horn

The first one on the list is one of the most in-demand electric trikes from the Grandtan series, the Addmotor Grandtan Electric Trike. It features a low step-through frame design that complements its aesthetics and versatility. The step-through frame makes the Grandtan ideal for elders and people with mobility issues, as mounting and dismounting this intuitive option is a breeze.

Addmotor Grandtan Electric Trike

To further enhance convenience and comfort, the trike also features a wooden footrest and a well-padded saddle with a backrest. The frame is quite aesthetically pleasing and is available in 8 different colors.

When it comes to the build quality, the AddMotor Grandtan E-trike is second to none as it is designed to be the perfect companion for outdoor adventures and paved roads alike. A powerful 750W front-mounted motor is used on the Grandtan to provide solid acceleration and assist with its powerhouse.

The Addmotor Grandtan tricycle allows riders to choose from 7 levels of assistance, typically ranging from low to high. As you pedal more or carry heavier loads, you can switch between the levels to conserve battery power or get a boost when you need it most, such as during steep climbs. Also read about heavy duty tricycle for adults.

Moreover, the Addmotor Grandtan electric tricycle motor is also capable of carrying up to 350+100 lbs payload, making the Grandtan a suitable option for grocery, shopping, and picnics with kids. The task to power this Bafang motor is on the 48V*20Ah Samsung battery pack.

One of the most outstanding aspects of Grandtan trike is its battery pack because of its incredible endurance and performance. This high-capacity battery ensures that the Grandtan tricycle can cover a significant distance of 85+ miles on a single charge in PAS 1 mode.

It is an electric trike that is designed to suit every sort of ride and comes with 4″ fat tires and a front oil spring fork with 80mm of travel to allow for a smooth ride over various types of terrains. Also read about types of tricycles.

Moreover, Addmotor relies on the Tektro mechanical disc brakes with a motor cutoff sensor to provide responsive stopping power and strength. Despite the $2,999 price tag, the Addmotor Grandtan is one of the most versatile electric trike options.

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Premium Pick
Grandtan Turbo Mid-Drive Electric Trike

2. Grandtan Turbo Mid-Drive Electric Trike

  • Motor: 1000W Mid Drive Motor
  • Battery 960Wh UL-recognized battery pack
  • Mileage: 85 miles per full charge
  • Frame Type: Step through frame
  • Significant Fun Features: Adjustable backrest, Rear cargo basket

With a design that seamlessly blends functionality and style, the Grandtan Turbo by Addmotor is an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable and powerful ride. The Grandtan Turbo is available in 3 color options and is one of the most robust options for all-terrain rides.

Addmotor Grandtan Turbo Electric

With its convenient step-through frame, the trike is suitable for every type of rider. The build quality is pretty impressive and this meticulous attention to detail is evident in its durable design. The head tube is integrated and molded with a laser CNC machine to provide a more solid and robust structure.

The Addmotor Grandtan Turbo electric trike redefines efficiency and power with a 48V*1000W mid-drive rear-mounted Bafang motor. The motor can accelerate you through any type of terrain and will assist you well in adapting to any road conditions. With this robust motor option, you can easily haul up to 350+100 lbs of payload capacity with ease. Also have a look at best adaptive bikes for special needs.

To make your ride even more efficient and smooth, the Addmotor Grandtan Turbo comes with a differential feature that divides the power evenly among the two rear wheels and improves handling and stability. The differential allows you to take corners and turns with an enhanced 50% to prevent skidding as well.

The task of powering the robust motor is given to a 48V*20Ah UL-recognized battery pack that performs exceptionally well. Riders can expect an impressive range of up to 85+ miles per single charge, which makes it a suitable option for people who like to embark on long journeys.

The Grandtan Turbo isn’t only powerful but also seamlessly merges exhilaration with comfort. Whether it be the well-padded adjustable saddle, footrest, fat tires, or suspension system, the Grandtan Turbo is a complete package for riders.

Moreover, the trike also doesn’t compromise on safety as it provides the feature of parking brakes and Triplet Tektro mechanical disc brakes to provide strong and reliable stopping power, even in wet or slippery conditions. All-in-all, the Grandtan Turbo is undoubtedly one of the most impressive and feature-rich electric trike options in the market. Read my detailed guide to ride a tricycle safely.

Editor’s Choice
SOLETRI Electric Trike for Two Riders

3. SOLETRI Electric Trike for Two Riders

  • Motor: 750W powerful motor
  • Battery 960Wh UL-recognized battery pack
  • Mileage: 85 miles per full charge
  • Frame Type: Step through frame
  • Significant Fun Features: Banana seat for two riders, rear cargo basket, front and rear suspension

There are times when you’d want to share your ride with a partner or a friend and this is where the Addmotor SOLETRI M-366X comes into play. This electric trike features a banana seat and is capable of seating two riders with ease.

In appearance, the M-366X has a pretty similar design as the M-66X. The only difference is that the M-66X was a two wheel electric bike while the SOLETRI is an electric trike. The full suspension electric trike is quite aesthetically appealing in appearance and is available in 6 color options.

Addmotor SOLETRI Electric Trike for Two Riders

To provide a comfortable seating arrangement for two people, the M-366X electric tricycle features a comfortable banana seat and a wooden footrest. The step-through frame design further enhances the overall convenience and look of this electric trike.

In terms of power, the SOLETRI is equipped with a 750W front brushless hub motor that can reach a top speed of 20mph making it a level 2 electric bike. The robust motor is capable of providing swift acceleration, allowing you to conquer hills and ride through traffic with ease.

The task to power the electrical components including the battery, display, and lighting system is given to a 48V*20Ah Ul-certified battery pack which doesn’t disappoint. In terms of range, this high capacity cell battery provides up to 85+ miles per charge range.

Moreover, Addmotor SOLETRI eletric tricycle is quite handy and practical for daily usage and comes with a 350+100 lbs of rider and cargo hauling capacity. The EB 2.0 electrical system makes the SOLETRI, a complete ride for everyone. The e-trike features parking brakes, 5-inch display, fat tires, multifunctional taillight, and full suspension system to ensure you are in full control of your ride, wherever you go.

Best Folding Tricycle
CITYTRI E-310 Folding Electric Trike

4. CITYTRI E-310 Folding Electric Trike

  • Motor: 750W
  • Battery: 960Wh UL-recognized battery pack
  • Mileage: 90 miles per full charge
  • Frame Type: Step through frame
  • Significant Fun Features: Adjustable backrest, electric horn, front suspension

CITYTRI Electric Trike is a feature-rich electric trike that comes in 3 different models as mini, standard, and plus models. With their innovative folding design frames, these trikes effortlessly blend functionality with aesthetics, resulting in an option that provides a reliable mode of transportation under $2000.

CITYTRI E-310 Folding Electric Trike

With just a few steps, the trike can be folded down into a compact size and stored inside any smaller space or inside your car trunk. The build quality of CITYTRI is quite impressive and allows for a smooth and stable riding experience for people of all ages. The frame is made up of aircraft grade aluminum alloy and is quite sleek which allows for agile and efficient traveling from one point to the other.

In terms of performance, Addmotor relies on an efficient 750W rear motor. The robust motor provides swift acceleration to tackle any type of terrain easily. Moreover, the CITYTRI comes with a differential feature that distributes the power evenly between the two rear wheels.

With the help of a differential, you can tackle corners and turns with more efficiency. Not just that, with a 48V*20Ah battery pack, the CITYTRI is capable of providing an exceptional riding range of 90+ miles on a single charge making it a viable option for daily commuters who travel long or want to reach their destination on time.

In addition, the CITYTRI has plenty of extra features such as a carrying capacity of 380lbs, half twist throttle, LCD display, integrated buttons, a stable folding design frame, parking brakes, and an EB 2.0 lighting system. When you compare its price to the features it offers, the Addmotor CITYTRI is undoubtedly one of the most impressive trike for adults in the market.

Best Fat Tire Trike
Triketan M-330F Fat Tire Electric Foldable Trike

5. Triketan M-330F Fat Tire Electric Foldable Trike

  • Motor: 750W powerful motor
  • Battery: 960Wh UL-recognized
  • Mileage: 85 miles
  • Frame Type: Step through frame
  • Significant Fun Features: Foldable Step-through Frame, Front Suspension

Last option on the list is another exciting folding electric trike by Addmotor, the TRIKETAN M-330F electric trike. With emphasis on convenience and practicality, the Addmotor TRIKETAN is a complete all rounder and can cater to the needs of every type of rider.

Triketan M-330F Fat Tire Electric Tricycle

The folding frame allows the trike to be folded down to a compact and portable size. The foldable mechanism allows the TRIKETAN to be a reliable companion for urban commuting and other errands in town. Read a detailed guide about what size tricycle for adults.

In terms of build quality, the M-330F is a well-constructed design that balances functionality and aesthetics at the same time. The frame is built with durability in mind, ensuring it can withstand regular use on rough terrains.

The tricycles three-wheel configuration and a low step through design of the M-330F provides enhanced stability compared to traditional tricycles. Moreover, the trike features responsive brakes and parking brakes to contribute to confident handling, ensuring a safe and controlled ride through urban environments.

Moreover, TRIKETAN electric tricycle is equipped with a robust 750W electric motor to offer a smooth and steady acceleration, making it suitable for various urban environments. As a new feature, this folding electric trike also has a 3rd Gen Mid-axis torque sensing that allows faster response and better efficiency to save the battery.

Not just that, the trike also comes with a powerful battery pack that offers a respectable range of 85+ on a single charge. The 48V*20Ah battery pack provides this range that is ideal for commuters and leisurely riders who need to commute short to moderate distances or enjoy leisure rides around their neighborhood.

The M-330F places a strong emphasis on rider comfort. The ergonomic design of the saddle with backrest and handlebars promotes a comfortable riding posture, reducing strain on the back and shoulders. The trike’s padded seat and cushioning ensure a pleasant and enjoyable ride. So, with all these impressive features, the Triketan M-330F can be a go-to option for everyone.

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What Makes AddMotor Electric Tricycles Best?

There are plenty of reasons to love the Addmotor electric trike options which significantly include the comfort and efficiency of these trikes. With powerful and robust motors to assist you in rough conditions to the convenient step-through frame designs, these electric trike options are designed to cater to the needs of almost every type of rider.

For riders wanting to experience a powerful ride, the Addmotor Grandtan Turbo electric tricycle would be an ideal choice. Following are some the significant features which makes Addmotor electric tricycles the best choice for tricycle riders:

1. Improved Design: Addmotor Grandtan vs Grandtan Turbo

One thing that has made Addmotor a fan favorite among the cycling enthusiasts is the continuous improvements in its electric bike and trike options. The strive to achieve excellence is evident when we compare the basic Grandtan model to the latest flagship Grandtan Turbo in the Grandtan series.

Over the last few years, the Grandtan is one of the most in-demand electric trikes in the electric trike category of Addmotor but the recently introduced Grandtan Turbo is simply ahead of its predecessor.

With features like a more powerful motor, differential, inclusion of parking brakes, and CNC head tube, the Grandtan Turbo is definitely a step forward from the previous models.

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2. Long-Range and UL-Recognized Battery Pack

The most impressive feature that makes the Addmotor electric trike standout against its competitors is the battery packs the company uses. The powerful battery packs offer top-notch performance by offering extended range capability as compared to its competitors.

Whether it’s an off road electric trike with fat tires or the commuter electric trike, the range of Addmotor electric trikes is second to none. Moreover, the UL-certification on the battery pack gives it a further edge by being a more reliable and safe option for the riders.

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3. Visualization of Riding Experience: EB 2.0 Display & 5-in-1 Taillight

The good thing about Addmotor is that the company understands the importance of offering cutting-edge features to elevate the riding experience for the riders.

The advanced and innovative EB 2.0 display and multifunctional taillight is a testament to their commitment of continuous improvements. The multifunctional taillight includes a 5-in-1 lighting system that includes driving, danger, flashing, braking,and left & right turning signal.

On the other hand, the EB 2.0 display provides riding information of battery usage, mileage, speed, lighting usage, PAS level, current motor wattage, and turning to make your ride safer and easier to control.

4. Addmotor is a Brand with Innovative Power

In the bustling landscape of the electric trikes industry, certain brands manage to distinguish themselves through their commitment to innovation, quality, and performance. Addmotor is one such brand that has garnered attention for its unique blend of technological advancements and features. You can also read about when was the tricycle invented.

Whether it be the long-lasting battery packs or superior build quality, Addmotor manages to deliver an unparalleled riding experience. With this commitment to providing the best product for riders of all levels, Addmotor is a brand with innovative power in the industry.

Here are some of the areas in which Addmotor has proven to excel:

5. Long lasting batteries and Range

Battery is considered the heart of your electric tricycle as it powers the motor and other electrical components. It is impossible to enjoy an electric bike or trike without a solid battery pack.

Addmotor addresses this concern by integrating advanced batteries into their models. These high-capacity batteries offer an extended range, allowing riders to cover more distance on a single charge.

Whether you’re using your e-bike for daily commuting or embarking on long weekend rides, reliable battery life ensures that you won’t be left stranded mid-journey.

6. UL-certification

Battery is a critical factor in the world of electric trikes and bikes. With so many concerns regarding the battery risks rising, UL-certification guarantees the safety of the battery and offers peace of mind for the customers.

UL certification ensures that the battery meets the highest safety standards and is suitable for electric trikes use. It also helps to ensure the long-term reliable performance of the battery.

Therefore, many of the latest e-trikes and bikes from Addmotor rely on UL-certified battery packs to provide practical and dependable solutions for electric transportation.

7. Powerful Motor

The motor is responsible for providing the required assistance for a smooth and comfortable riding experience, and Addmotor understands the importance of a robust powertrain.

Addmotor E-Trikes are equipped with high-performance motors that provide exceptional acceleration and speed. Whether you’re tackling steep hills or cruising along flat roads, the powerful motors ensure a seamless and exhilarating ride.

8. EB 2.0 Electrical System

The Addmotor EB 2.0 Electrical System represents a significant leap forward in terms of e-bike technology. With the help of this system, Addmotor e-trikes encompass a range of advancements that collectively elevate the performance, efficiency, and user-experience of Addmotor electric bikes and trikes.

From power delivery to a better control system, this intuitive EB 2.0 electrical system covers every aspect. Moreover, the EB 2.0 system also incorporates intelligent power management algorithms that optimize energy usage so it makes the performance more efficient.

The EB 2.0 electrical system also includes advancements in safety and stability. Enhanced braking systems, improved traction control, enhanced lighting system, and stability in performance. The lighting system allows you to ride at night in a safe manner.

9. Multifunctional LCD Display

The 5-inch display on the handlebar provides insights into your electric tricycle and also helps you to make the right decisions. The Addmotor electric tricycles come with different PAS modes, so you can choose the one that suits your strength and type of terrain with the help of this display.

Moreover, this display also shows the battery level, speed, distance covered, battery output, and EB 2.0 lighting system.

Start Your Ride with Addmotor Trike

Addmotor trike is a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of electric cycling. Whether you are looking for a fun, easy, or practical way to ride, Addmotor trikes have something for you. You can choose from different models, sizes, colors, and features to suit your needs and preferences.

It has powerful motors, batteries, brakes, and lights that ensure a smooth and reliable performance. Addmotor trike is more than just a bike. It is a lifestyle. Start your ride with an Addmotor trike today and experience the joy of electric cycling.

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