About TricycleHub and Author

Hi, My name is Ruth Winder, founder of Tricycle Hub. I am a salesman by profession and cycling enthusiast by passion.

Who Am I? – My Life Story

I have been on many bike tours in the early days of my life, but due to a major accident in 2014, I was in bed for more than a year and missed my weekly bike tour routine a lot.

Once I started recovering, I planned to start my old bike-riding routine after consulting with my doctor. He was confused about whether to allow me or not, but looking at my craze for cycling, he allowed and helped me get started.

Due to being in bed for more than a year, it was difficult for me to manage my balance on a bicycle. I tried for more than 2 months to improve my balance on the bike, and after some improvement, I planned for a short bike tour of about 50 miles, but unfortunately, it became a nightmare and the last ride on a two-wheel cycle due to severe back pain.

I remember when I consulted with my doctor, and after looking at my situation, he got angry at me for riding a bike for this long and told my wife that if I again rode a bike, it could lead to a permanent disability and bed rest.

So, looking at the situation, I promised him that I would never ride a bike again, but it was a very tough decision for me. Whenever I wished to ride a bike or saw any fellow cyclist sharing their cycling activities on Strava and other social media platforms, I cried a lot. My wife was also well aware of my situation and how my long bike tour dreams broke. She also missed going on bike tours with me, but we had no option.

By the end of 2016, my wife presented a surprise gift to me on Thanksgiving Day, and guess what it was? A tricycle. I took a test ride around the street and felt comfortable without any balance problems or back pain. After consulting with the doctor, I started riding a trike daily and felt like the test to live a life without cycling was over.

My wife and I again started long rides; she was on a two-wheel cycle, and I started on my tricycle. I got my life back with much more happiness and comfort.

At the start of 2018, we were blessed with a baby girl, but we decided not to make her become the reason to stop us from our passion for cycling. In summer 2018, we left her to her aunt while going on a cycling tour, but we weren’t comfortable leaving her behind. So, we decided to get her with us next time. We bought a toddler tricycle for her, and she became our travel partner.

All this time, I tried different tricycles for myself and my kids for daily commuting and bike touring, which helped me learn about different types of tricycles and their working mechanisms. And due to all this knowledge, people in the surrounding reach out to me for advice while choosing different cycling gear for themselves and their kids.

Purpose of Tricycle Hub

Looking at the people’s frequently asked questions, I decided to start a blog, Tricycle Hub, to share everything related to tricycles and other gadgets I use for daily commuting and other outdoor activities on tricycles.